Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Written Response to Toll Brothers Scope Document

Dear Neighbor,

There’s just one week before the March 24th deadline to submit a written response to City Planning regarding the Scope of Work Document for the proposed Toll Brothers development on the Gowanus Canal. In order for the community’s responses to be considered, and the issues we want to be addressed, they must be received in writing by the March 24th deadline.

There are many areas to focus on related to the Toll Brothers project and the Gowanus area, such as: Shadows, Historic Resources, Community Facilities (i.e. Daycare), Neighborhood Character, Hazardous Materials, Infrastructure, Solid Waste and Sanitation, Traffic and Parking, Construction Impacts, and Public Health, to name a few.

How to start? First, go online to look at the Toll Brothers Proposed Draft Scope of Work on Community Board 6’s website:

here, or use the following link: http://www.brooklyncb6.org/committees/?a=detail&content_id=52

1) What SPECIFIC issue (or issues) do you have concerns about? Find your issue (if you can) in the Scope Document and note the number of the task and its heading, i.e. “TASK 13: INFRASTRUCTURE”, and be sure to make reference to it in your letter.

2) Go to the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) Technical Manual (on CB6 site- see above link). Look up your task (concern) in the CEQR- each task has a chapter. How does the Toll Brothers Scoping Document appear to meet or not meet what’s outlined in the CEQR? Does the scoping document satisfy the community’s concerns?

3) Format for your response: Write an opening paragraph, followed by the specific Task # and Heading and how you think that issue(s) needs to be more thoroughly addressed in the scoping process. The tone of what you write should be specific and incorporate supporting data.

Mail your response to: & Send a copy to:
Robert Dobruskin Community Board 6
Dept. of City Planning 250 Baltic Street
22 Reade St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
New York, NY 10007 Attn: Craig Hammerman, Dist. Manager

Any questions? Please contact us and we will try to help you as best we can. Good luck!

-Friends of Bond

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Anonymous said...


This is scoping - not comments for or against the project so all you need to ask yourself is "what's missing?" If you prefer truck parking, dry cleaning and other manufacturing then don't comment as that's what we currently have on the property.

If you want a school, or more site cleanup, then expect taller buildings. Most importantly, what should be on the street? Currently they propose to build this housing on a parking platform so there's a NOTHING at street level except blank walls!

This project sucks for the streets of Gowanus - who cares how tall the project is when the streets are devoid of life! At least with manufacturing, we get some activity and people on Gowanus sidewalks...