Saturday, March 8, 2008

Re-cap of Meeting with Craig Hammerman

Here is a quick recap of what happened at Friday's meeting with DM Hammerman

We met with Craig Hammerman at CB6 on Friday morning; FOB (Karla & Lizzie),along with several other people from CORD, FROGG, and CGNA. Craig spokewith us in clarifying detail (on his day off!) about the scoping processand how to prepare for it. He referred to both the scoping documentsubmitted by the Toll Brothers (available via the CB6 website) and the CEQR (City Environmental Quality Review- also available via CB6 site)for specific issues and guidelines that must be addressed through CityPlanning's scoping process. The overall question the community must askis whether the scoping document is sufficient enough and does itsatisfy the community's concerns?

Craig had a few suggestions about how to respond. First, pick an issueor several issues (refer to the CEQR chapter headings) that you wouldlike to focus on. When responding orally- at the hearing on March 13 (upto 3 mins.)- be specific about the issue, but include personal experiences and anecdotes. Let it be heartfelt and know that a live person with a real story can be extremely effective when addressingcomplicated issues related to development. Craig also suggested having'tag teams'. with more than one person speaking to a specific issue. Ifyou want to respond in writing (letters are due March 24), you need tobe very precise and laser-specific. Support the issue or concern that you're addressing with factual data.

The need for a consortium or coalition of various neighborhood groups was also discussed at the end of our meeting. We all expressed a desire to consolidate communication on the web and via email, as well as ways we might strengthen each other's outreach by forming a larger network of concerned, active community groups and their members.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to som eimportant related documents:

Anonymous said...

Why does our district manager work four days a week? How many other City employees get paid +$90K to work part-time?

Anonymous said...

Hammerman puts in more professional hours than most municipal employees.

To address your question directly, actually, City Council Members are part-time and get paid +$90K.

Hammerman would make a great City Council Member. I hope he runs.