Monday, March 10, 2008

Documents to help you at the meeting

Dear Neighbor,
Please let us know if can attend the scoping hearing with City Planning on Thursday, 3/13 @ 2:00pm regarding the Toll Brothers development. We would like you to confirm via email that you are attending.

These hearings are extremely important as they give the community a chance to formally raise questions and concerns about the Toll Brothers project. So, if at all possible, we strongly ncourage you to be there- now's the time to speak your mind, from the heart about the possible effects of this large-scale, luxury development on our neighborhood.

Below are two documents to assist you in preparing a spoken statement (up to 3 minutes). You should have as your focus one of the areas outlined in the scoping document, i.e.Public Health or Historic Resources, but cross-overs are fine, too.

Again, please let us know if you will be attending so that we can communicate with you again before Thursday with more information.



Amanda M. Burden, AICP, Director

Department of City Planning
Robert Dobruskin, Director
James Merani, R.A., Deputy Director
22 Reade Street, New York, N.Y. 10007-1216 Room 4E
TEL (212) 720-3420 FAX (212) 720-3495

Protocol for Public Scoping Meetings
- NYC Department of City Planning
Environmental Assessment & Review Division

As per Section 5.07 of the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review, as
adopted June 26, 1991, the following will serve as guideline to participation in a public scoping meeting for the preparation of a draft environmental impact statement.
Discussions regarding the scope of work will first be held between lead agency, applicant, interested and involved agencies. Following that discussion, the chair will allow the public to comment in accordance with the rules described below.

1) The Environmental Assessment & Review Division, acting on behalf of the CPC as the

lead agency, will chair the scoping meeting.

2) All attendees of the scoping meeting will sign in on an attendance sheet, clearly printing
their name, address, telephone number and affiliation.

3) Those members of public wishing to speak will also sign in on a "Request for Speaking
Time" sheet at the start of the scoping meeting.

4) Opening remarks will be made by the lead agency, followed by introductions.

5) The applicant and/or consultants, attorneys and representatives will provide a

presentation of the proposal and an overview of the draft scoping document. Potential
impacts, proposed methodologies and assessments will also be discussed.

6) Following the presentation, the lead agency will receive comments from the
representatives of the involved and interested agencies, public officials and community boards regarding methodologies and issues to be addressed in the draft environmental impact statement.

7) All requests for additional information and/or technical memoranda are subject to review
and approval by the lead agency, in this case the Environmental Assessment & Review Division.

8) After the conclusion of the discussions with the interested/involved agencies, public

Robert Dobruskin, Director
James Merani, R.A., Deputy Director
22 Reade Street, New York, N.Y. 10007-1216 Room 4E
TEL (212) 720-3420 FAX (212) 720-3495

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